Tuesday, September 2, 2014

The Best Chocolate Chip Cookies. Ever.

I've found it. The perfect choc chip cookie. I have to thank Sally who is the creator of the most awesome blog, Sally's Baking Addiction. Her recipes are so innovative and her photos make them so much better.

These cookies really are soft and chewy and thick as she describes.She explains the whole process of making this cookie here, with the science behind each step which I found extremely helpful and I learnt a whole lot about my friend the Chocolate Chip Cookie and the love that goes into it. You don't need to use a mixer but that doesn't make them tiring to make. These cookies are way too easy to make and what's more, you really enjoy it.

Lately I've been making Nigella's Choc chip cookie recipe because it used melted butter which was much easier for me. I found that it made the cookies just a bit more chewy but they never came out soft, the way I like it. Sally's recipe uses cornstarch, it gives the cookies a very soft consistency. You also have to chill the dough for a good 2-3 hours if you want the perfect cookie. I got very impatient and almost put the dough into the freezer so it would chill faster. But I was afraid it would affect the texture of the cookie so I left it alone. Later I left a comment on Sally's blog asking her if it's okay to chill the dough in the freezer and she said this would create some frozen spots of dough with some chilled. So no, I am never going to chill any kind of cookie dough in the freezer. Sometimes being patient gives you the best results =)

Get the recipe for this awesome cookie HERE.

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  1. What could be better than soft and chewy chocolate chips, huh? Yum-o!

  2. Boah... They ook so good :O
    I find it cool that you also leave a link to more recipes ;)
    I added you to my circles, becouse your whole blog is cool :)
    btw, thanks for your comment on my post :D
    You're always welcome here <3

  3. Thank you so much! You're in my circles too and I'll keep visiting your blog which is also cool :)

  4. Your cookies look delicious! Craving one right now... It's a bit late for me to do some baking though :(.. Maybe tomorrow! :)