About Me

On my 8th birthday, I got a book....not just any book....a recipe book called "Fairy Cooking"
I took one look at it and I was hooked! It had the most delicious looking cupcakes and cookies on the cover and little fairies fluttering over them, sprinkling fairy dust with their wands.
I think some of that fairy magic was infused into my life when I started trying out those recipes.

Now, almost 10 years later,the magic is still there. Baking is my favorite hobby...a passion bordering on an obsession.
I spend a lot of my time thinking about baking, reading about it, watching people bake on tv and inventing recipes I may never try in my head.
Don't get me wrong, I'm not perfect.I make stupid mistakes and end up throwing stuff away. I generally make a mess in the kitchen when I'm cooking and it takes ages to clean up afterwards.But that doesn't matter, because making mistakes is how you learn. It's all part of the learning experience

I love how precise you have to be when you bake but still get to play around a little bit.
There's nothing else I'd rather do.

I'm starting this blog to keep up with my adventures and misadventures in the kitchen, because honestly, they are a huge part of my life. Most of my diary entries are about them or about new recipes I've discovered or ideas that have randomly popped into my mind, which is why I've named this blog 'The Cake Diaries'.

I'm Kalani....I'm 17 and I live in Sri Lanka.
And....oh yeah, I BAKE!

I hope you'll stick around :)

(I'd love it if you could take a look around and maybe leave a comment. I'm dying to know what you think about my blog.)

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  1. To be honest, I love your blog! Thanks for commenting on my blog, I absolutely adore yours!
    Hope I've made a new internet friend, haha!